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What are masturbator sex toys?

What are masturbator sex toys?

Masturbators are sex toy which is used for stimulates to erogenous zones during masturbation. Masturbators are made with different types of skin safe materials including silicon, rubber, latex, plastic, metal; aluminium etc. Masturbators are used by couples, male, female, lesbians and gay.

Whenever it comes on the masturbation, man thinks that their hands are enough. But it’s not like that; sex toys are gives you more realistic and pleasurable feeling in comparison of your hands. All masturbators are looks different to each other’s. Male masturbators are looks like realistic vagina and anus shape. And female masturbators are looking same as like penis shape and size. Masturbators are easy way to giving pleasure or stimulation to your body by doing masturbation.

There are different types of masturbators are available in all over the world you can easily search from offline and online sex toy and masturbator. Couple can also purchase the lesbian sex toys from lesbian sex toy market. All masturbators are intensifying the pleasure during solo session and satisfy you completely. Most of the masturbators are travel friendly and handy in use.

Types of masturbator sex toys for women.

Types of masturbator sex toys for women.

There are different types of women masturbator sex toys are available on online and offline mode so you can easily buy adult toy market in India. There are many sculptures of Ajanta and ellora caves available in India which defined all the sex toy history. Some of the female sex toy masturbators are-

Dildo sex toy

Dildo is a sex toy. It comes in penis shape. It’s made with metal, plastic, rubber, latex and glass material. Its primarily use to penetrate the anus and vagina. Some of the dildos are clearly designed for vaginal penetration and some of these are specialized for anal penetration. Women can penetrate herself by using dildo. Women also get the vibrating dildos. Vibrating dildos are providing extra sensation and more pleasurable feeling to you.

Clitoral vibrator

Clitoral vibrators are sex toy which is specially designed to stimulate the clitoris part and to achieve the orgasm and satisfaction. The clitoris vibrators are made for plastic, rubber and silicone material generally. If you are using any hands free masturbators then you don’t have to use your hands, hands free vibrator masturbators are- strap-on and vibrating panties.

Rabbit vibrator

Rampant rabbit vibrator is primarily made for dual stimulation. It is comes in shape of dildo with attach rabbit ears shape stimulator for stimulates clitoris.

Types of masturbator sex toys for men.

Types of masturbator sex toys for men.

There are different types of male masturbator sex toys are available on online and offline mode so you can buy them from those options. Some of the male masturbators are-


Fleshlight is male sex toy and masturbator. Fleshlight masturbator comes in women vagina or anus shape. Fleshlight is comes in two parts inner part or outer part. Outer part is made with hard material and inner part is made for soft material. Fleshlight is providing realistic feeling and satisfaction.

Prostate massager

Prostate massager is male sex toy. It’s made for male masturbation only. Prostate massager stimulates the prostate glands and g-spot or p-spot of men. It used order to reach orgasm. Prostate massager goes deeper in the anal. It is a most powerful masturbator sex toy. If we talk about doing anal masturbation from hands so it is not possible because prostate glands are situated in between the penis and bladder. Your hands don’t reach those glands so there is no option to give stimulation from your hands.

Sex dolls

Sex doll is a sex toy in the size and shape of sexual partner used for masturbation. The sex dolls may consist entire body of a women includes face, vagina, anus, breast and other parts. They parts are sometimes vibrating and removable also. Man can masturbate with this sex dolls and also do penetration at the same time.

Clitoris stimulation masturbator sex toys.

Clitoris stimulation masturbator sex toys.

Clitoris stimulator female masturbator sex toy and it’s specially design for stimulates the women clitoris part and to achieve the orgasm. You can use clitoris stimulator as an external masturbator sex toy but you can’t use it for internal stimulation. These masturbator sex toys are made with silicone, rubber, latex and other skin safe materials. There are different types of clitoris masturbator such as-

Vibrating panties

Vibrating panties are specially designed for female masturbation. It stimulates the clitoris part. Vibrating panties are very popular among the women’s. Vibrating panties are used specially by those women who want to thrill in their sex life. Women can use this publically. This product is perfect for reach orgasm and pleasure.

Finger vibrator

These finger vibrators are specially design to worn in fingers. Women can use it as the clitoris masturbator. Women can easily worn this in fingers and use it with any efforts. Some of these finger vibrators are designed with surface textures and ticklers, so the women can enhance their clitoris stimulation. Finger vibrators are handy in use, travel friendly and you can hide this sex toy anywhere. It is one of the innovative, simple and sensational clitoris masturbator sex toys.

Fleshlight masturbator sex toy for men.

Fleshlight masturbator sex toy for men.

Fleshlight is the recreation of women vagina and anus with velvety soft texture. It is a male masturbator sex toy. Fleshlight looks like a real fleshlight but when its open then it looks like women pussy shape. Fleshlights are comes in verity of shapes and size. It comes in two parts the outer part and the inner part. The outer part is hard and it’s made with hard material and the inner part is made with soft material for easy and smooth penetration.

Men can easily use the fleshlight before cleaning. So you have to clean the fleshlight with sex toy cleaner. Then you have to warm the sleeves of flesh light for that you have to remove the sleeves from the fleshlight, and soak the sleeves into warm water for some time.

Then remove and apply the lubricant. You can use the water based lubricant and silicone based lubricant. Then pour some amount of lubricant in the flesh sleeves, and massage the penis with lubricant. Then slowly insert the penis in the fleshlight and start the masturbation.

Recommended masturbator sex toys in India.

Recommended masturbator sex toys in India.

Masturbators are very popular in India. There are lots of sex toys which are increasingly using by men and women, so you can easily sex with sex toys. If you are beginner and try out male masturbators for the first time then you can try with fleshlight- fleshlight are textured sleeves and it’s made with soft material. It's wrapping tightly around the penis and stimulates the feeling of penetrative sex. Or secondly you can try the cock ring and vibrating penis rings - vibrating penis rings are made with soft silicone and other skin safe material. It attach in the penis. Penis ring are used for restrict the blood flow in the penis and provides you stronger erection.

If you are beginner and try out female masturbators for the first time then you can try the dildos- dildos are good for satisfying a women completely. It is similar like a men’s penis. Dildos are comes in various types such as- metal dildo, glass dildo, anal dildo, vibrating dildo etc.