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What are female sex toys?

What are female sex toys?

Female sex toys are sexual aid that used in alone masturbation and with partner to enhance the sexual life.It is replace and clone of men's penis and used to penetrate the women's vagina. There are various features available in female sex toy,so women can fulfill their sexual desire. The vibrating,swinging,heavy thrusting,etc are common features in female sex toys. Although it is varies with the many shape,sizes,texture etc.

Female sex toys is not new in the market. It has a history and been used from the years ego. In fact, anthropologists believe they've been around for thousands of years almost about 35,000 years back. At that time,peoples used to treat the hysteria and after getting fame,later women start using it for the sexual pleasure. As increasing in the users,female sex toys goes through many changes and get advance. Female sex toys not only used in vagina penetration but also used in clitoris stimulation,nipple & breast stimulation and even anal stimulation and penetration. Most of women in India prefer female sex toys to satisfied their sexual needs and sometime also prefer just to arouse the mood and excite the sexual life.

In ancient India people used sex toy with made of rock and wood. There are many sculptures of Ajanta and ellora caves and they defined all the sex toy history.

What kind are there?

What is woman sex toy? What kind are there?

Sex toys which are specifically designed for women are namely dildos, anal beads, nipple clamp, magic wand vibrators, butt plugs, vibrators etc, Unlike man sex toy, it is mostly inserted. All these sex toys are widely taken in use by women for having erotic pleasure into anal and vagina. If women do not have partner for intercourse then these sex toys play an important in their personal sex life. If women do not have sex partner then all these sex toys are ideal for them and they may use these in solo for quenching their sexual thirst. Many women do vibrator masturbation.

Dildos are one of the most popular sex toy among women. Dildos are used by women by penetrating it into anal and vagina slowly. Many dildos came with real fleshy texture that gives real feeling of penis. If women wants to take pleasure of penis but they do not have male partner for sexual encounter then they may choose these dildos as their sex partner for masturbation purpose in solo. Many dildos are waterproof so it will be easy to wash this as well as easy to use this in presence of water or may be use into the bathroom. Dildos are almost female friendly so it becomes easy to use by inexperienced females.

Anal beads are made in series and each bead starts to increase with its size from the base part. Females start to insert anal bead slowly into their anal and they need to be paused while inserting one bead. Again they will insert second bead into their anal and take pause again. It depends on user that how many beads they want to insert into their anal. If user is amateur then it becomes advisable that penetrate only one or two beads into sensitive anal. If user is mature then they may penetrate easily more than two beads into their sensitive anal. These anal beads are manufactured with rubber, glass, silicone material etc.

Butt plugs are female sex toys which are also very popular among females. Butt plug is bit similar to anal beads by its functioning. The only difference is butt plugs are designed with plug that becomes easy for user to hold it on fingers. Butt plugs are well efficient to hit g-spot if penetrate it precisely. While penetrating, some part remains outside of anal so it is easy to hold and play with it.

Nipple clamp is used by females to turn on themselves during solo sessions or during foreplay sessions with sex partner. Nipple clamp stimulates well the nipples during intercourse or it may be taken in use for solo play with remote control. Amateur females may easily use this sex toy for having intense pleasure.

How can I give orgasm to my girlfriend with sex toys?

How can I give orgasm to my girlfriend with sex toys?

You may recommend your girlfriend some sex toys named dildos, vibrators etc. which are well enough to reach her at steamy orgasmic level. Dildos are mostly prefer by females for having sensation into their vagina and anal. If you are using dildos or vibrators with your girlfriend then you will rub vibrator on her clitoris slowly. After rubbing for some moments, she may get discharge easily.

The only need is to rub vibrator gently on her clitoris or vagina. If penetrating dildo into her vagina, she may easily reach at orgasmic level but the only way to reach there is to penetrate gently and make her feel sensual.

How to do and preparations

How to do and preparations

When using female sex toys it is mandatory that do not forget ever to read its information. Proper information will teach you that how to use that particular sex toy effectively. You may prefer some lubricant also of good quality which will be coated on vagina and anal that will provide you flexible taste of penetration. Now after coating lubricant, try to penetrate into vagina and anal.

If using nipple clamp then pinch it on nipples very carefully and do not try to forcefully. Sex toys should be wash before use and also wash after use. Never share with partner or anyone. Then keep it in a safe place beyond to reach of anyone.

Beginners recommend a vibrator, even if it is not high, it's okay

Beginners recommend a vibrator, even if it is not high, it's okay

Vibrators are specifically use for taking pleasure of massage on genitals. While using vibrator stroke it slowly onto clitoris. After stroking constantly the user may interact with steamy orgasm that gives them real ecstasy of massage in vibration form. Vibrators may use in foreplay sessions also by couples. Vibrator

Types of female sex toys in India.

Types of female sex toys in India.

As we discuss, female sex toy are available in many types to fulfill the women's needs. Let's check some of common type of female sex toys in India. These all female sex toys are easily available in adult toy market in India.


Dildo is special sex toys for women. It designed in the shape of penis and able to deliver the penis pleasure to women. It is absolutely perfect to replace the men's penis. Women can use dildo in masturbation and having sex with toy or having fun with partner. Dildo is available in many material so women can pick their comfortable one,plastic,soft rubber,silicon,metal,etc. Soft rubber dildo is comfortable for all women even for the beginners. Dildo also varies with different sizes and thickness,so women can find their desire size to reach to deep orgasm.


Vibrators are electronic sex toys for women. It is structured in the shape that allow good insertion, but it is advance. Vibrator also allow vibration while penetration. The level of vibration help women to stimulate the vagina and clitoris to arouse yourself. Vibrator work for women to feel arouse and make them sex ready. Nothing is pleasurable then penetration with vibration.


Massager is externally used sex toys for women. It is used to stimulate the erogenous zones and other body part. Magic wand is one of most famous massager in women. Magic wand help you to feel relax by relaxation the body muscles. Women can use massager over the erogenous zones to arouse the sex feeling and other body part to eliminate the tiredness.

Usage of female sex toys.

Usage of female sex toys.

A sex toys is pleasurable, if you use it in a correct way. Let's know how to use a female sex toy effectively.

Get to know your sex toy:

Whether you are using a dildo or vibrator, first you have to do is know about a toy. How to use it. How it works, How to start and stop, etc. Carefully read all the instruction mention on the toy box. Check there is no sharp end and edges on your selected sex toy.

Clean it:

Clean the dildo or vibrator before use, and of course after use. Before use, cleaning is essential is keep yourself hygienic safe. You can use lukewarm water and some tissue or towel to wiped out dirt particles.

Start you own:

Whether you are planning to use toy with partner, it is better you start by your own because likewise you can known your body needs and body acceptance. You should start with finger caressing, then light stimulation with you sex toys.

Play some foreplay:

Foreplay help you to feel comfortable. If you are using with your partner, start some foreplay. It makes you wet and arouse you for sexual intercourse


Start with slow moves and gradually increase the level of penetration and level of vibration according to the body needs. It is ideal to use a condom over the sex toy.

Clitoris masturbation sex toys for women.

Clitoris masturbation sex toys for women.</

Clitoris is most sensitive part of the women. Women feel sexual active with the correct stimulating on the clitoris. It help her to reach their orgasm, so many clitoris masturbation sex toys are available in market for women. These clitoris sex toys stimulate the clitoris and vagina walls to arouse the women. If you do not aware about the clitoris masturbation sex toys, here I recommended some of clitoris sex toy category that might help you

Rabbit Vibrators:

Rabbit vibrator are highly used female sex toy among women. It is special in structure, it has ears with main shaft. Ears part stimulate the clitoris externally when main shaft stimulate the vagina internally.

Butterfly and wearable vibrator:

Butterfly and wearable vibrators are hand free vibrators and stimulate the women's clitoris throughout the day. Women can even use this Butterfly and wearable vibrators in the public place. User can wear it under the garment and enjoy the pleasant feeling.

Finger Vibrator:

It is like a sleeves with a mini vibrator. Women can use it over clitoris to feel arouse. Except these vibrator, women can also use any type of online sex toy vibrator. The level of vibration by vibrator is enough to stimulate and activate the most sensitive part of the body.

Massager sex toys for women.

Massager sex toys for women.

Famous magic wand is best massager for a women. It is also famous in lesbian sex toy market and men sex toy market. A massager can be used by anyone to arouse the sexual feeling. Massager not only used in sexual moves,but it is used to relax the body nerves. Using a magic wand over nipple,breasts,neck,shoulder is pleasurable. It allow enough vibration over the body, and feels pleasant. Massager is common sex toy for both partner. Couples can use it in foreplay to excite the sexual environment.

Recommended sex toys for women in India.

Recommended sex toys for women in India.

From the various type of female sex toys, I am sure that you are bit confuse to find your ones. Here I recommended some of sex toys for women that you can try. Well the selection of toy is depend on the acceptance of women. If you are beginner, then it is not possible for you to large and huge dildo, vibrator for masturbation or sex. Beginner women should try, small and slim sex toy. "Small Dildos & Probers " is best dildo category of beginners and "bullet vibrator" &"Egg mini vibrator" is best as vibrator,. Make sure use low level setting of vibration at first.

If you are intermediate and expert, then you cannot feel satisfied with the beginner sex toy. So now you should try some huge dildo and vibrator for sexual satisfaction. "Rabbit Vibrator", "G-Spot Vibrator", "Classic Vibrators", "Luxury Vibrators", etc might work for you and in dildo, you should try large dildo and realistic dildo. These large and more powerful sex toy gives you more pleasure and more deeper penetration with extra powerful vibration. If you feel uncomfortable with the shape,size or any feature,do not force yourself. Understand the body need and sexual needs.